Dream in Color Dress

By Love Nail Tree

The form fitting LOVE NAIL TREE tank dress has a message that encourages dreaming in color and pursuing your wildest dreams.

  • 100% cotton
  • White with graphic print

For Tyler and his wife, Michelle, founders of Love Nail Tree, it's all about telling the story. And in telling stories, they hope to engage conversation, provoke thought, and reveal the power within each of us to act. For the entrepreneurial Tyler, he felt it was his mission to impact in the world and needed a stage to do so. In 2005, he launched LOVE NAIL TREE in his Los Angeles garage with his own screen printing machine, producing his inspired quotes onto limited edition t-shirts. The success of his message tees has now grown the collection to include jewelry and vintage looking shirts. While no longer working out of his garage, both Tyler and Michelle continue to personally craft their messages onto their shirts and jewelry with the hopes of inspiring people to make the world a better place.
Price: $90.00
Made in:
United States

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