BRBF Jet-Setter Blu-Rose Elixir

By BRBF Infinity

Rosewater is by no means a new invention, it finds root in Persia as far back as 1200 BC. Obtained from the sepals and petals of decadent damascena roses through a traditional process of steam distillation, rosewater is a pure, 100% organic tonic that is an age-old antidote for issues of the dermatological, culinary, medicinal and even romantic variety.

  • 100% Organic
  • Made from Damascena Roses
  • Many Different Uses
  • 0.4 OZ Bottle

A luxurious fashion label created and designed to inspire you to dream. As dreaming and freedom are essential attributes of the BRBF Infinity brand. Staying true to the BluBond mission, co-founder Raha promises to donate portions of each sale to life saving organizations and charities around the world. By purchasing your limited edition BRBF accessory with us today you are helping to improve the lives of children, adults and animals around the world. How lovely is that?
Price: $39.99
Made in:
United States

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