• Tall Glass Of Style / Feb 13, 2016


    Listen… You see that gif rolling above of a woman about to reck the joint and the young gentleman behind her trying his best to calm her down? This will be your reality tomorrow if you don’t get that gift you totally forgot about for bae on Valentines Day....

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  • Examiner / Feb 07, 2016

    Noise-Lab on BluBond

    Make some noise in the bedroom with lingerie brand Noise-Lab. Noise-Lab design offers bold styles in a delicate sillouttes. Noise-Lab boasts ultra feminine fabrics and elegant details. This lingerie brand is exclusively sold through BluBond.com which is a progressive e-commerce platform that only works with sustainable, ethical fashion. BluBond gives up to 45% of proceeds to charities. Feel good about being bad with Noise-Lab.

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  • Teen Vogue / Feb 05, 2016

    Rose Elixir

    Rosewater not only smells AMAZING, but it can be uplifting. If you're feeling stressed, just take a whiff of rosewater, and it’ll instantly relieve you. It can even help with migraines!

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  • Fashion Times / Jan 29, 2016

    BluBond CMO, Raha Jamalian-Hershey Talks Fashion Industry And 'Purchasing With A Purpose'

    Fashion Times spoke with BluBond's CMO Raha Jamalian-Hershey about the brand and what it really means to "purchase with a purpose."

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