The mission of 2020 MicroClinic Initiative is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women in medically underserved communities.

Q & A2020 MicroClinic Initiative

Q What is your charity’s unique mission and program?

A The mission of 2020 MicroClinic Initiative is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women in medically underserved communities. We work in rural Kenya to improve access to prenatal care, a safe delivery, postnatal care, and infant health services in local medical centers. Now operating our program in 10 clinics in some of the poorest communities in Kenya, we offer thousands of women baby clothes, birth preparation, infant care training, emergency transportation, and a safe delivery.

Our program is unique in its holistic approach to improving maternal and infant health. We address poverty by teaching a marketable skill in our self-sustaining baby clothing production facility. We address the underutilization of existing health care services by offering baby clothes as an incentive to use those services. We address the complications of transportation in rural Kenya with an emergency transportation program. Lastly, we address a critical gap in health care education with a maternal health training card game that we developed.

Q How did you establish your charity?

A Dr. Moka Lantum founded 2020 MicroClinic Initiative after he and his wife had twins in the United States, where many take for granted the expectation that everyone will survive and thrive. With the knowledge that access to such care is not equal across the globe,Dr. Moka was inspired to establish an organization focused on making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all women. When he discovered that many women in rural Kenya were not delivering their babies in local clinics because they had no clothes to dress their newborns after birth, he began providing baby clothes to mothers who delivered in clinics, and 2020 MicroClinic Initiative was born.

Q How will your charity use contributions from BRBF Infinity?

A Contributions from BRBF Infinity will support key components of our program, including our maternal health training card game, emergency transportation, and shipping costs for the donated items that support our baby clothing production enterprise. Contributors to 2020 MicroClinic Initiative join a community that believes pregnancy and childbirth should be safe for every mother.

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Q What is your ultimate dream in regards to your cause?

A We currently operate in three of the 47 counties in Kenya. So our first dream is to see our program available to women in all 47 counties. Our second dream is to have the opportunity to show the World Health Organization that our program works to save lives, so that, among other things, they will include baby clothes on their list of “essential supplies” that should be available for all deliveries in the developing world.

Q What outcomes has your charity seen through its work?

A Due to the generosity of our donors, more than 3,000 babies have been born through our program. In communities where as many as 1 in 15 babies and 1 in 100 mothers die during or soon after childbirth, all mothers and infants in our program have had safe, healthy deliveries.

We recently expanded our program to six additional facilities in the poorest county of Kenya, Kakamega County, where we will serve thousands of mothers over the next year. By offering mothers baby clothes, emergency transportation, birth preparation, and infant care training, we have made clinic deliveries (rather than home deliveries) the norm, increasing the safe delivery rate by as much as 300% in the communities where we work.

Q How can BRBF Infinity convey your message to get people involved. How can people get involved in your cause?

A We hope to use BRBF’s platform to inform people of the dangers associated with pregnancy and childbirth in the developing world, and ​​we would like to offer supporters the opportunity to join a community focused on preventing these dangers. There are many ways to get involved with our organization! Our generous supporters host fundraisers​ and clothing drives in their local communities, as well as online fundraisers and "virtual" baby showers, to raise funds and collect clothing for our cause. Volunteers help us raise awareness, plan events, offer their unique skills, and, of course, sort and pack clothing donations to be shipped to Kenya.

Q How much of the money BRBF raises for you, will you give back to the actual cause?

A We commit to giving 100% of funds raised to the cause.


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