Jarett has that JE NE SAIS QUOI


Q How would you describe Raha at first sight with 3 words?

A Progressive, visionary, philanthropic.

Q What do you think about the BRBF Infinity Movement and how we are enforcing awareness through purchasing with a purpose as a fair-trade emerging designer brand?

A The industry is growing larger and larger and there is space for all of us. The Millennials right now need to get a little discount until they bring in the disposable income in a few years. We need to educate them, and how we connect to them. We have minor mark downs and we know we created a balance between both. We need to attach and educate the Millennials about ethical shopping habits. It is a very interesting, there are these reverse roles and now the older look at the Millenials to see what they are doing where it was always the opposite.

Q How exciting would it be to get away from the mundane luxury brand and redefine luxury?

A I already see luxury being redefined. Today you see it in the trend of high low where people buy from the Zara, Topshop and H&M but in the balance of it all they accent it with their Celine Phantom bag or Prada bag. It is the balance of both. How I see that happening going forth is that a lot of the designer brands are focusing on gateway tangible for younger individuals. It will be an interesting turning point, There is a big change ahead of us.

Q Tell us what made you gear towards fashion and who told you that you have the certain je ne sais quoi for this job?

A Always had a passion for shopping and fashion. I never thought of it as a career. I was going to become a Lawyer. I needed to do an internship and I did a Macy's internship, and I got the job as a buyer which I didn’t know what it was. I love progressive fashion which ended up my passion and became my job which is beautiful.

Q Do you agree that buyers don’t have that certain talent and quality anymore which you and I were taught back when it was so important for fashion houses to know their stereotype clients and needs?

A I have been through 3 or 4 different corporations and different areas. Back in the day if someone was a buyer for dresses they only did that for a long time. Now I have been in fragrances to young junior and mens. I think you should have a better balance and experience. Find a balance between Art and Science instead of focusing just on the numbers.

Q What do you cherish most about your life? Are you a big believer in giving back?

A I am a big believer of giving back and have done that continually in my life and career.

Q What is your proudest moment in business life?

A Two different things. My proudest moment was making it to Milan, Paris and NYC fashion week. Seeing people that you trained succeed.

Q Do you see yourself teaming up with BRBF Infinity & an organization like International Medical Corps to make a difference in the lives of the Syrian children that lost their parents and siblings in bombings that are currently happening?

A Yes I think if there is opportunity to giving back. Where there is a will there is a way to help.

Q Can you share more about yourself and your history? How did you grow up (big, small family, travel, education)?

A Born in Germany, lived there for 8 years in Kaiserslautern. Moved to Hawaii and lived there for 10 years. Went to private school till 12th grade. I grew up with older brother, younger brother and younger sister. I grew up with middle child syndrome. I moved to Seattle and never looked back to live on an island. I loved to be unlimited on the Mainland:) However, since I want to be close to family someday I might go back.

Q What life experience do you feel has helped shape you the most that you’ve had to date?

A I think there is a quote “Resilience is the ability to turn peace into beauty and wisdom instead of bitterness. For me going through a dark place at one moment in my life, this quote captures how I redefined who I wanted to become.

Q What activities excite you to do with your partner and or family?

A I am currently single and I don’t have a ton of family here in Vegas. I love going bowling, karaoke and eating Sushi.

Q What are your top three favorite things about living where you do?

A My favorite Sushi place is Yama Sushi. It is amazing all you can eat but it is really good. Besides that I love the shopping and the cost of living.

Q What is something most people don’t know about you?

A I am extroverted introvert. I like me time.

Q Your choice (given no context) - fill in the blanks:

  • Hot or cold “Hot”

    • HOT

  • Emerging designers with quality and ethics vs. High-street brand with amazing ad in Cosmo?

    • Emerging designers with quality and ethics

  • Suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt  “Jeans & T-shirt”

    • “Jeans & T-shirt”

  • Snapchat or Instagram “Instagram”

    • Instagram

  • Beach or city  “Beach”

    • Beach

  • Yoga or Barre Class

    • Yoga

Purchase With A Purpose

Q What items from BRBF Infinity do you love, and which ones would your customers love?

A All of it is great but I love the:

Jet-setter Blu-Rose Elixir

Q Which of the following charities that BRBF is partnered with will you support?

A International Medical corps 


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