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Q What do you think about the BRBF Infinity Movement?

A I think what you are doing is beautiful. I like giving back and I think life is funny how god brings people together because I suffered and was in abusive relationships. I always wanted to give back and started supporting a women’s shelter that was for abused women. I believe it was meant to be for you and I to work together.

Q How would you describe Raha at first sight with 3 words?

A She is funny, beautiful and smart.

Q How would you describe a day in your professional life?

A I get up in the morning and reach to my phone and I start working. I love my mornings, and they usually starts at 6am. Love my coffee, emails, and I have to have that moment. Otherwise, I don’t feel I am the nicest boss. LOL...I feel I get a lot done with Good Morning America. Prim Boutiques are very much my babies. I am in need to find the balance.

Q What do you think it takes for a female entrepreneur in fashion to  to overcome the hindernissen of competing with mass productions in a market where 85% is discount shops, department stores and outlets?

A So, I think this is obviously the hardest part in the industry. It is warped and ugly at times. People love to shop with us because we give our honest opinion and treat everyone who comes into the store like someone comes to our home. I don’t buy from fast fashion anymore, and therefore the prices have gone up a little bit more after the Bangladesh disaster. When I bought Prim, I became aware that they were buying things with 400% margins, which is not who I am. Therefore, I educated my customers on why prices have gone up and if they rather support the made in the US or doing good with ethical brands rather than buying some child labor produced items that are cheaper.

Q Tell us how you ended up opening Prim in Pleasanton and Los Gatos?

A I worked for Nordstrom for 8 years in sales and management. I had to the opportunity of purchasing Prim in Pleasanton and my supportive husband and I took the initiative to look into the business and analyze it. I worked here for 1 month and realized how much I love helping and consulting the customers that walked into Prim. I knew that this was my calling. My husband's Christmas present 4 years ago was purchasing Prim for me and 2 years ago, we had this amazing opportunity to purchase the store in Los Gatos. My manager Cori who is from Los Gatos so it worked perfectly for her to run the new store. It was a great decision. I like to give back to my employees and treat them very kind and nice.

Q What do you cherish most about your life? Are you a big believer in giving back?

A I cherish most that I was able to change from a very insecure and shy person to someone that was able to see the real potential. I’m also grateful for my husband who believed in me and made me see my highest potentials which lead to making my dreams come true.

Q What does a day in your personal life look like?

A If I were not to come in my boutiques. LOL I would to go outside and work out in nature. I love being with friends, wine-tasting, and just enjoying company and life and being spontaneous.

Q What is your proudest moment in business and in personal life?

A I hired one of my girls who was not appreciated for all the talent she had as a barista. She had no retail experience. I saw how much talent she had and was fired for all the things that I wanted a person to be in my organization. She is phenomenal and as you can see my right hand and trustee.

Q Do you see yourself teaming up with BRBF Infinity & an organization like International Medical Corps to make a difference in the lives of the Syrian children that lost their parents and siblings in bombings that are currently happening?

A Absolutely, I am all about helping good causes and will be honored to team up with BRBF Infinity to make a difference.

Q Can you share more about yourself and your history?  How did you grow up (big, small family, travel, education)?  

A I traveled because I was a roller-skater. We never traveled as a family. Because of my husband, I was able to explore places like London.

Q What activities excite you to do with your spouse or boyfriend or family?

A Do nothing, drive to Wine country and turning off the phones and just enjoying each other’s company while relaxing by the pool.

Q What are your top three favorite things about living where you do?

A I love my community in Pleasanton which I call Pleasantville. I love my customers. If I have a bad day they would drop off cookies. Everyone knows each other and we are a little chic neighborhood where everyone knows one another.

Q What is something most people don’t know about you?

A I feel like I am awkward even till today.

Q Your choice (given no context)

  • Hot or cold “Hot”

    • HOT

  • Emerging designers with quality and ethics vs. High-street brand with amazing ad in Cosmo?

    • Emerging designers with quality and ethics

  • Suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt  “Jeans & T-shirt”

    • “Jeans & T-shirt”

  • Snapchat or Instagram “ Instagram”

    • Instagram

  • Beach or city  “Beach”

    • Beach

  • Yoga or Barre Class

    • Yoga

Q What is your secret to success?  

A Being true to myself and love everyone around me.

Q What items from BRBF Infinity do you love, and which ones would your customers love?

A I love the Amazonian Tribe laser Holster & the new baby collection BRBF that we will soon carry in our POP Boutique for Children which is supporting Micro Clinic Foundation on BRBF Infinity.

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