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Q How did you meet Raha?

A I met Raha through Christian Oliver who I shot a movie with in Ohio. He told me I have to meet Raha because of the charity work I am doing with homeless people. She is all about charitable worked

Q How would you describe Raha? Are you friends or acquaintances?

A We are friends now. Fun, loving, big personality, very genuine.

Q We met with your husband Corey who is an amazing person inside out, so where do you see your marriage within the next 5 years. What dreams and goals would you liked to accomplish by then as a couple?

A Hopefully with children, I have been in this industry for so long and it’s time to take a step back and live a little bit more of a normal life with family and kids, living a normal life I want to start designing now that I am getting older, and modeling is getting old. Corey and I renovated our house and I found my passion in it.

Q What do you think it takes for a married couple to overcome bumps and a relationship?

A Honesty, being open, willing to change if there is certain things that don’t work in a relationship. We are not the Hollywood couple. How important is honesty & loyalty in your relationship and friendship? It is very important. Without either of these there will be no relationship. Being in LA has a lot of obstacles. I am in an industry where I get told NO every day. Nothing is consistent. You have a rock to come home to. Corey is my rock.

Q What do you cherish most about your husband except how handsome he is?

A He is very loyal, very hard working, compassionate, he is always supportive in anything I do. I have so many ideas and he is very supportive of every project I am into.

Q Would you and if when/why plan to have children?

A I mean in the next 3 years I want kids for sure. I want a normal life not shooting every day. Coming home and making dinner, taking the kids to the park.

Q What makes it hard when you and your husband work in 2 different industries. You being a model and him being in real estate?

A I think it works good. Being two models in a household does not work. Been there done that. My parents are in real estate, and he used to model. He and I share this common conversations. I love designing. We share things and understand each others lives, and our families are super close.

Q Have you thought about what you like to do next after the modeling is over?

A I want to get into design, not necessarily house design, but go more into the direction of Gastro-pub interiors, restaurants. Raha loves the wineries and open her own concept of opening a barn. We talked about it with Raha.

Q Can you share more about yourself and your history? How did you grow up (big, small family, travel, education)?

A Grew up in New Hampshire, one blinking light. 1500 people. Modeled here and there NYC, Boston. As soon as I graduated highschool, I packed 3 suitcases, came to LA and stayed at the Holiday Inn, rented a car. Lived on Melrose and got an agent there. Went to Paris & London for modeling, and booked a travel show, anything that was tropical. So I swam with sharks and saw volcanos. Then I booked Deal or No Deal as one of the suitcase girls, and met Corey. I was in a relationship when Corey and I first met. I broke up with my ex, and Corey and I reconnected through mutual friends. We spent the weekend together and practically moved in together. Love at the first sight. I then started my charity, and first just sheltered dogs, and saw how many homeless people have animals.

Q What life experience do you feel has helped shape you the most that you’ve had to date?

A Probably doing all the homeless stuff. Trying to transform homeless people and their dogs life.

Q What drew you to the career you’re in? What do you like most about what you do?

A Started pageants at the age of 6. I enjoyed fashion and I love being in front of the camera. Show Being Mary Jane. Helping homeless people in trying to be genuine.

Q If you could describe your perfect day, what would it look like?

A My perfect day is spin class in the morning. Just like Corey. We both like working out and start our day this way. I like being outside like fishing, camping and all that jazz.

Q What activities excite you to do with Corey? Alone?

A Food and Wine, work out together, and feed the homeless together. Travel a lot. We went to Thailand to our honeymoon, Spain was fantastic, and we liked our Mexico vacation. We stayed at the Atlantis at their new property last week which was very cool.

Q What are your top three favorite things about living where you do?

A You can go and ski in a few hours, hike, and go to the beach.

Q What is something most people don’t know about you?

A That I am Tomboy.

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