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We were fortunate to spend the day with Real Estate Expert & Humanitarian, Corey Nelson. He taught us the ins and outs of dealing with high-end clients, managing egos, and keeping it cool in the face of celebrities. Whether recently sold or just hitting the market, Corey Nelson has been featuring properties so lavish, they are, at times, beyond our wildest dreams. Below are a few properties we visited in the posh Brentwood area along with our Q&A session. One thing we can all agree on when looking for that right home is having a professional walk you through all of the details, guide you in the right direction, provide patience and positive insight gives you a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Q How did you meet Raha?

A I met Raha through my wife, Jasmine Dustin. Jasmine was working with BluBond as her charity was one of the featured charities, Cause For Paws.

Q Tell us how you ended up in the city of dreams?

A I grew up in as small town with about 2000 people in Indiana. It was basically a farm town. I come from a small family. My mother was a loan officer and my dad was a builder, so you can say I come from a real estate background. I attended Purdue and traveled quite a bit after college before I ended up in Los Angeles to pursue acting. I took up real estate as a part time job and realized soon after it was my calling. I’ve now been a member for 12 years and counting.

Q What is your proudest moment?

A A client of mine adopted a child and the child was diagnosed with Leukemia. As you can imagine, it was very challenging on him, emotionally and financially. He was forced to sell his house he bought with me a few years prior. When I heard this happened, I was able to the rescue and found him a house that he was able to buy that fit his budget. I will always remember the day when he told me, “You saved our life’.

Q What are some challenges you faced during your work life ?

A I’ve had to work very hard to get where I’m at. I came from a modest background and had no contacts when I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve built my business from the ground up in a luxury market and it was very challenging but working well with people has helped me grow and now I’m at a place that work is enjoyable. I really don't have to look for clients, they now come to me. I’m also very selective on who I work with. I’m very hands on with my business and never feel that I’m above anyone. For open houses, I clean, do the laundry and even make the bed!

Q What drew you to Real Estate?

A It was a combination of things. I did know some people who were in the business and I was fortunate to be mentored by one of the biggest agents in the country at the time. Im also passionate about architecture and design. I watched my father build our two houses (literally) by himself. It’s in my nature and I like helping people. I also like working for myself and being my own boss.

Q What is your favorite piece on Do you gift friends OR customers with our collection of designer products so you can purchase and give back at the same time?

A Yes, absolutely. I like the BRBF John Wayne Scarf a lot, and I also like the candles since they are high quality and give back at the same time. Great way of gifting with a purpose and knowing you are making a difference.


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